How to Buy the Best Tablet PC [Tablet Buying Guide]

In the market for a tablet..??

Which tablet is right for you? whether you are eyeing a Windows RT slate, an IPad or one of the many Android tablets on the market

Tablets do have advantages over both laptops and phones, giving a additional portable way to check your mail, browse the web, video call, listen to music, watch movies and play exiting games than your laptop computer will offer, however with an even bigger screen than on your smartphone. Even so, you most likely do not want one, however if you wish a tablet, read on.

Key factors you need to consider before buying a tablet:

Choose Your OS

The best strength of Apple's iOS, the operating system on the iPad and iPad mini, is twofold: it's totally clean and intuitive, and the wide variety of iPad apps that you simply can purchase right on your tablet—more than 287,000 iPad-specific titles work uniformly well.

Google's Android, is a more sophisticated story. Besides having your choice of hardware from many manufacturers, at any given time, there are a number of iterations of android floating around on numerous devices. the newest version, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), is the best however, with most configuration a top-notch notification system, fast, sleek web browsing, and seamless integration with Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google speak for video chat. Jelly Bean also has an improved version of Google now, that delivers relevant data specific to your location. you'll be able to notice Jelly Bean on Google's own Nexus tablets.

So far, Windows RT provides the closest thing to a desktop expertise on a tablet, with its fine-looking tiled interface and familiar Windows PC. With split-screen functionality, multitasking is robust here, and you get Microsoft office with the OS.

Screen Size

At the present market, tablet PCs are on the market with screen size starting from 4.3 Inches to 10.1 inches. the choice of screen size is up to you. If you wish to buy a device that is portable, simple to hold, and may be hold in your hand, then you must choose a tablet with smaller screen size. If you’re need of a gadget for ultimate entertainment, surfing the net, and playing hd games, then of course, large screen sized Tabs will be apt for you.


Cloud storage is an option for many tablets but when it comes to on-board storage, more is always better. Media files and documents might have become a part of your daily lifestyle and in most cases; you’ll be using your Tablet to keep files as well as installing fabulous apps for extended use of device. Since a most of Tablet support memory expansion through Micro-SD cards, you have to consider the space for the installation of Apps. The standard tablet PCs are available in either 16, 32, or 64GB varieties which is of course enough for any type of use.

Connectivity(Wi-Fi-Only vs. Cellular Models)

Many tablets come in a Wi-Fi-only model or with the option of always-on cellular service from a wireless provider. If you’re the one who needs a data connection simultaneously, then you may select always-on cellular service(2G, 3G or 4G cellular plan) Otherwise you should go for Wi-Fi if the tablet is for home use where you’ll be getting a constant Wi-Fi connection. So connecting your tab to net is important. Isn't it??

There’s lot more to check

  • Processor Speed; A processor with around 1GHz will be enough for normal use
  • Weight of Tablet
  • Camera:you should check the rear camera as well as the front camera for video calls.
  • Internal speakers as well external support
  • Data Transfer features like USB Ports or Micro-USB ports
  • Base Software Support such as Adobe Flash Player
  • Accessories such as charger,headphones, cleaning kits and supporting softwares for PC Connectivity.
Finally, before you purchase, if you can, head to your local electronics store to get hands-on time with some totally different tablets, thus you'll be able to see which feels and works best for you.

I always try my best to share all the knowledge I've with you guys. You can always share your opinions with me in comments.

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